1. Name : The Name of the society shall be the Punjab State Institute of Sports (PIS) (hereinafter referred to as the “Institute”).
  2. HEADQUARTERS :  The registered office of the Institute shall be situated at Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (SAS Nagar).
  3. OBJECTS OF THE INSTITUTE : The Institute shall be the principal policy formulating body of sports in the state of Punjab. The Institute shall be responsible for grooming and producing elite players from the State by providing, supervising and maintaining suitable sports facilities in the State. The Institute shall have mainly the following powers and functions namely: –
  • To formulate schemes for excellence in Sports in selective sports disciplines at different locations in the State with the motive to produce the elite players of the Punjab State for competitions at the  National and International level.
  • To formulate programmes to provide scientific backup to the players in terms of training, sports equipment, sports infrastructure and rehabilitation of sports injuries.
  • To create a sizable pool of elite, high potential sports persons to groom them as medal prospects in Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and other National & International Competitions by providing them scientific training under the coaches of eminence in the ultra modern sports complexes with latest sports equipment and nutritious diet.
  • To employ and continuously upgrade the knowledge and skill of coaches and other human resources for attaining the objects of the Institute.
  • To formulate programmes to organize Coaches Clinics/S Seminars to update the knowledge of the coaches/ physical education teachers and sports persons.
  •  To co-ordinate all games & sports and physical education activities in educational Institutions and otherwise in the State.
  • To raise the standards in games and sports and in the process to earn a place of pride for the State of Punjab in National / International Sports competitions.
  • To prepare and implement sports curriculum for the educational institutions of the State of Punjab.
  • To assist the Department of Sports. Punjab and Punjab State Sports Council to successfully run its schemes and in the matters of conduct of various levels of tournament.
  • To raise funds for achieving the objects.
  • To accept endowments, bequests, donations, trophies, grants and transfer of any moveable and immovable properties made to the Punjab State Institute of Sports.
  • To get or to provide financial aid and support by means of grants, loans, subsidies or other assistance whether monetary, non-monetary for any sporting activity from any State Level Sports Associations or by the National Sports Federations or by any International Sports body.
  • To exercise  such other powers and perform such other functions as may be conferred or enjoined upon it by the Government of Punjab.
  • To undertake any other activity/ function or duty as is incidental or required for the attainment of objects of the Institute.



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